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Spring Bell Jars

Over the last few months I’ve found two nice sized bell jars.  I’ve seen a lot of beautiful centerpieces using them on Pinterest so I decided  to put three together for a spring grouping on my dining room table.

Spring Bell JarsI had several small spring items from other years that I gathered up.  I purchased a bag of preserved moss and a small wire candle wreath from JoAnn.  As I looked for items I payed attention to repeating colors.  The yellow bird in the nest, the yellow buds on the candle wreath and the yellow eggs help tie the three piece in a sense of relationship to each other.  The same is true with the pinks and greens.


  • Bell jars
  • Plates to set them on
  • Preserved moss
  • Spring items that will fit in the jars
  • scissors
  • sticky tack


I used clear glass plates from the dollar store as the bases for my bell jars.  I pulled the preserved moss apart and arranged it on my first plate.  I centered the bird’s nest with its’ bird and small flowers on the moss.  To keep it level I added more moss under the low spots on the bottom of the nest.  I had a few pussy willow tips that I cut to fit under the jar.  These I was able to stick into the nest without additional support because the nest worked a little like a flower frog and the sides of the jar keep them upright.  To keep the jar from slipping around on the plate I used a small piece of sticky tack along the rim in a few places.

For the second jar I again started with a bed of moss.  I used a small wooden birdhouse from my Stand Up Birds project and the candle wreath.  I bent the branches of the wreath upwards to fill in the space at the top of the jar but was careful not to cover the opening of the bird house.  Again a little sticky tack along the rim and I was done.

The third jar is egg shaped.  I bought it years ago and have used it for various things but what could be better than eggs!  My daughter Beth and I made paint-  and wax-decorated blown eggs many years ago.  I put a little moss on the bottom of the jar and arranged the eggs inside.  Done.


I think I like these jars because they spotlight small items that otherwise can go unnoticed.  The whole project took less than an hour including the time spent locating the various items that I used.