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"Retire from work, but not from life." -M.K. Soni


Gift Bag with Tag and Receipt Envelope

When Katie bagged up her  present last weekend with the Baby shower card I made, it reminded me of all the wedding and shower gifts that arrived at my house over the summer and the struggle I had  keeping the gift receipts from getting lost.

Gift Bag with card and receipt envelope.

Gift Bag with card and receipt envelope.

So here is a gift bag design with an enclosure card and envelope to hold the receipt.  They both attach to the bag handles with ribbon and the receipt envelope slips into the apron design like a pocket.  This would be good for a kitchen themed wedding shower or a housewarming gift.

Cricut Cartridges Used:

  • Nifty Fifties
  • Graphically Speaking
  • Walk in My Garden

Cut Sizes in Inches:

  • Apron @ 3.0 (Nifty Fifties)
  • Oven Mit @ 4.5 (Nifty Fifties)
  • Cherry Sticker @ 1.75 (Nifty Fifties)
  • Receipt Envelope @ 3.5 (Walk in My Garden)
  • “Enjoy” @ 2.25 (Graphically Speaking)

I choose a two sided printed paper from a heidi grace stack with a green and pink plaid on one side and a small dot pattern on the reverse side. The solid soft pink, black and green are from my scrap bin.  The plain pink bag from JoAnn’s measures 8 x 10.25 x 4.25.  Beginning with the dotted side, I cut the apron layer and then the shift apron from the plaid.   I then used a solid pink to cut the pockets.  Scraps of black and green make up the cherry stems and leaves.  I used white glue to attach the layers and then let them dry.

I cut the shadow for the apron in the green and applied a thin line of Aleene’s Max Tack Adhesive where you see the marker lines.  This leaves the top open to create a small pocket to hold the gift receipt.  Next, I worked on the oven mitt, using the dots for the bottom, the plaid for the top layer and cutting an extra top layer for the inside to give me a light colored writing surface on the inside of the card. Again I finished with the cherry stem and leaves.  I glued the cherries to the cover attached the soft pink to the inside of the card and used a hole punch in the upper left hand corner.

My scrap bin had the very same shade of medium pink as the dotted background, so I used it to make the envelope.  I found this on the last page of the Walk in My Garden handbook.  Since there wasn’t much of a fold over on the envelope, I decided I needed a “sticker” to hold down the flap.  I found one in Nifty Fifties on page 65 of the handbook from the shift font shadow key and cut it from dotted paper.  Some glue and a hole punched finished this off.  The last thing I cut from the dotted paper was the “Enjoy” phrase.

The apron and phrase were glued to the bag and I waited for it to dry.  I cut a 24 inch piece of 1/4 inch ribbon and ran it thru the two sides of the card and tied it with a small bow.  The other end of the ribbon went thru the whole at the back of the envelope and I tied it off with a small tail.  Last, I tied the ribbon around one of the bag handles, arranging it so the envelop would fit in the pocked and the card would be near the top.